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Scalable rendering for very large meshes

Mattäus G. Chajdas1, Matthias Reitinger1, Rüdiger Westermann1

1Technische Universität München

Debug view showing a mesh displayed using the technique from another view angle. The primary camera is looking from the top right onto the mesh. The rendering algorithm automatically adjust level-of-detail and removes invisible geometry.

Accepted to WSCG 2014, International Conference on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision


In this paper, we present a novel approach for rendering of very large polygonal meshes consisting of several hundred million triangles. Our technique uses the rasterizer exclusively to allow for high-quality, anti-aliased rendering and takes advantage of a compact, voxel-based level-of-detail simplification. We show how our approach unifies streaming, occlusion culling, and level-of-detail into a single rasterization based pipeline. We also demonstrate how our level-of-detail simplification can be quickly computed, even for the most complex polygonal meshes.