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Who am I?

Anteru 3.3, fully-automatic software creation system.

Where to buy?

Somewhere in Europe, usually close to a computer. Look out for a high CPU/GPU-to-room ratio!


  • Strange look & feel.
  • Extensive and extensible support for a wide range of programming languages.
  • Music-addict. Double the code output by plugging in excellent music, preferably using high-quality sound systems.
  • Quite a bit of experience in software design & implementation.
  • Integrated Movie & Quote Database: Has seen an incredible amount of movies and remembers a totally insane number of quotes.
  • Tendency to understate ;) (really)

Programming languages

  • C/C++ -- Very good support for various application areas.
  • Python -- for tools, build glue, and other script tasks.
  • x86/x86_64 assembly -- good enough to see if the compiler does its job right.
  • TypeScript -- single-page applications, mostly.
  • C# -- support for tools, utilities, GUI-applications.

Supported toolkits

  • Direct3D 11/12, OpenGL 4.x, Vulkan
  • Boost (using it since 1.33.0)
  • CMake -- cross-platform build file generator
  • Qt -- The cross-platform UI toolkit
  • WiX-Toolkit: Microsoft Installer based installations
  • ...

Application areas

  • Most efficient -- due to high interest and subtle motivation reasons - at graphics; real-time or not does not matter.
  • Very interested in scalable software (multi-threading, parallel algorithm and data structure design, processing or large datasets, etc.)
  • Interested in modern programming techniques: Functional programming, template meta-programming, everything that makes the life easier.
  • Library/API/Framework development: Designing, implementing and documenting quality APIs.

What customers say

... besides go and get him, of course :)

  • The Lambda Man: Totally insane! Insane!
  • P. C.: Run him with care!
  • Johannes Held: He never gave me wrong information!